I am a soulful, passionate mama who believes in chasing her dreams at any age. I am most proud of being a mom and I like to teach my children to dream big. My strong family values grew from the close, extended family I had around me in the northwest side of Chicago. Today, I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in the magical town of Tower Lakes. There I am renovating and building my dream home with the love of my life Eric, and our four children. We are living amongst the tree tops and sounds of nature. 

Soulful and passionate. 

I am a people person and I love to socialize, but more often you will find me soothing my soul in silence, or the sounds of classical music. Though constantly on the go with our children children, I am grateful for my village of family, neighbors and friends that allow me to also pursue my artistic dreams

I love people, but also solitude.

My organization, and focus on the details is part of my art. As a huge list maker - paper and notepads are my favorite! I spend hours preparing and hours of post work to ensure that each image captures you, your family, your art. 

All about the details!

More about me

The mom in me will capture the pitter patter of tiny feet, chaos and energy that a house full of love holds. I will be the one who freezes time for you, and capturing a glimpse of your life that your grandchildren will enjoy. 

The artist and stylist in me identifies with every detail and decision made by interior designers. Working closely together, we will make your audience "feel" the space created with style that elevates your brands authenticity. As a artist, with 20 years of styling experience we will collaborate to define the art direction, style the home, and capture the design using light and new angles that only an artist can provide.  

Capturing Love, Life, and Design: A Journey Through Motherhood and Artistry

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