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Styling is the art of arranging objects, and creating connection with your space. Adding beautiful details, the final touches transforms, and elevates interiors to evoke feeling within a space

It’s all in the details.
Styling is creating beauty in your space.


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Each project is unique please contact me for an estimate on your project or just to chat all things styling.

In addition to onset styling, typical projects will include prep meetings, a creative plan, and sourcing of accent items

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As an artist, with 20 years of styling experience collaboration is the key to creating a captivating space that highlights your artistry. We will work together to define the art direction, style the home, and capture the design using light and new angles that only an artist can provide.

Interior Styling

Photo styling

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This is the fun part of seeing all our hard work and collaboration come to life! I put my comfy shoes on and bring all the things to curate your collections and edit the space to create a beautiful visual story and representation of your work.

03/ Photo Session

It’s critical we have a plan. After the initial pre-session call we will then have a follow up creative call where I will present a plan for styling with clarity and focus. From there we decide on any additional items needed for our shoot day, florals and an overall feeling for the project. Having a few weeks to months to plan ahead is best if possible.

02/ Schedule and Pre-session Planning

Once you fill out my contact form we will set up a time to chat. We will discuss your current projects and how styling can elevate your space and project. Then talking about your vision and goals and how styling plays into your marketing needs. From here I will send you a quote based on our conversation.

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Most stylists from my experience have fallen into this career path as I did. If you are interested in learning more about styling sign up for my e-mail list where I share tips for all industries. Workshops and teaching styling is in my future plans.

How do I become a stylist?

Styling is a skill, one that can be learned but stylist have a trained eye especially from behind the camera. They know how to create for the camera and what is best when editing and curating for a space.

I like to decorate, can I style too?

Each project and industry is a bit different so it is best to reach out to get an accurate quote for your project needs.

What is the cost of a prop/interior stylist?

Interior designers and interior decorators/photographers looking to elevate your project for your portfolio can hire a stylist to offer added value to adding those finishing touches to the end of an installation day or to be able to share inspiring imagery of your project on your website and social media channels.

Interior and commercial photographers looking to offer a value added service to clients. A stylist can compliment a
photographer trying to create and style for a brand or scene for carrying marketing needs.

Who might benefit from using a stylist?

Styling comes in many forms. My main focus is on interior space and tabletop for brands.

Do you only do interior styling?

Interior styling is the art of arranging objects. It is the magic to adding those final details to make a space come to life. Styling is about displaying pieces in a beautiful arrangement within a space. It is the visual story to your project.

What is interior styling?


-Mandy Madsen
Mandy Madsen Home and Garden

Natalie is an experienced professional, which was apparent from our first call!  I was impressed with her attention to the finest of details and her overall organized approach to the entire process. Natalie’s communication skills were so excellent from the word go: she listened to my vision and implemented it with her stunning florals and thoughtful prop curation and placement. Her work is the finishing touch!

-Ellen Whitehead/Dew Design

Natalie's styling services are a MUST for my interior design / architecture photo shoots. She brings a fresh and gorgeous perspective to each space, and is invaluable before and during shoot days. Natalie is organized, efficient, kind, and brings the spaces we've worked so hard on come to life in front of the camera lens. She is so talented, and I can't describe her services as anything short of magical.

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