“ I make work in the beauty of delicate details.  I am a storyteller.”

I have always considered myself an artist. From a very young age I have been drawing, painting, sewing and dreaming of every little detail.

Photography has captured my soul.

My husband once said “ You are the most passionate, soulful, Type “A” I know.” I have found that to be one of the truest descriptions of myself. I am passionate about many things, but photographing families and capturing images meant to be rememberedloved and imagined over time has stolen my heart.

I believe childhood is magical.

I am a hopeless romantic, whom dreams in the beauty of delicate details. I have extremely strong family values, reinforced by my childhood and extended family. The strength I gained, I apply to my business and life; being honest, trustworthy and incredibly organized. I’m a huge list maker, carrying notepads everywhere! I have to be as I’m constantly on the go with our four children. With them, and my career and passions I find my center and sooth my soul with silence, or the sounds of classical music. I grew up on the northwest side, and raise our children here, in our village of friends, neighbors and family that allow me to also pursue my artistic dreams.

How did I get here?

I was born and raised in Chicago, but will go anywhere as long as my family is with me. I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from The Art Institute of Chicago where I studied painting and fine art. Thirteen years ago, I began my entrepreneurial journey as a freelance Prop Stylist. Whether through my studies, or career I’ve been fortunate to have worked with many incredibly talented commercial photographers. In the last few years, I’ve applied my eye for light, and details to focus on a new venture; Family Photography.

Why Family Photography?

Whether a stay-at-home-mom or working-mom, we are always on the go. Photography allowed me to artfully capture the joy of childhood’s magic. Whether its exploring the block, home, each other or Chicago, culture, food, music and neighborhoods. Life, the moments captured exploring the parks, conservatories and the joy expressed as a family is wonderful to capture. So are the dreams of a lazy Sunday in PJs, sipping on coffee or having a dance party. That is familyThat is life in the details.

I launched the Family Photography business because I believe in chasing your dreams at any age. I teach my children to dream big: “May you touch Dragonflies and stars, dance with Fairies and talk to the moon”

It’s this soulful, artful passion that I bring to my family and child sessions – and capture timeless moments meant to be rememberedloved and imagined.